Er. Sabyasachi Pattnaik: Managing Partner

MINEX INDIA has grown exponentially under the dynamic leadership of Engineer Sabyasachi Pattnaik, the Managing Partner and main promoter of the company. He brings with him a unique blend of knowledge and experience of trading, so important for the success of an export oriented company. He has a distinctive academic background with Graduate Engineer. MINEX INDIA was founded in 2005 with an objective to emerge as a leading player in the mineral business known for its commitments, quality, delivery schedules and competitive pricing. In just 6 years he has led MINEX INDIA to re-define the process of international trading from Odisha. Leading from the front, he helped MINEX INDIA establish a positive working relationship with some of the major mineral players like Sino Steel Corporation, China; Noble Resources, Hong Kong; Adani Global Pte limited, Singapore; Swiss Singapore Overseas Enterprises Pte Ltd., Singapore, Devi Trading Company Ltd., Hong Kong, SIN-TANG Development Pte Ltd, Singapore, Kowa Company Ltd., Japan, to name a few.

Mr. Subhrakanta Pattnaik: Partner

Mr. Subhrakanta Pattnaik brings versatile skills to the table. In a short period he has donned many feathers in his hat ranging from infrastructure development to Minerals Trade. As partner Logistics, Raw materials, Projects, Subhrakanta is out to redefine the processes through his committed, proactive and professional approach.