Types of Chrome Ore...


Fines is chrome ore in the form of individual particles with majority of such particles measuring less than 4.00 millimeters. It is in concentrated form. This is also called as chrome concentrate.


Friable Ore is the form of chrome ore with majority of particles measuring more than 10.00 millimeters. It is also in non concentrated form. Friable are less naturally occurring than fines as the ore is reduced to fine particles during beneficiation process.


Chrome Ore is also traded in concentrated form, after conversion of low and medium grades of chrome ore into chrome concentrate through the beneficiation process where chromium grade increases in between 48% to 60%, which are more popular as far as export is concerned.


Pelletising and sintering play a crucial role in modifying the smelting behaviour of chromium ore as poor ore uniformity results in erratic furnace performance, higher power costs, and lower chromium yields.

Ferro Chrome

A finishing material which contains about 70% of chromium. It is used when it is desired to add chromium to steel.