Why trade with Minex India...

Many Companies might offer similar product lines but what makes us a cut above the rest are the following core skills developed over time:

• Meticulous Planning
• Effective communication
• Unflinching Commitments
• Honoring Delivery Schedules
• Pro- Active Customer Service

Customized and Personalized Service

MINEX INDIA has developed an extensive information technology system that enables it to keep continuous interaction with its client from anywhere in the world. This helps in making the ‘response time' almost immediate and thereby attending to clients needs on a constant basis.

Attention to Finer Detail

Our skilled staffs ensure that attention is given to all the finer details of client’s requirements. We have specifically designed a ‘cross referencing' system which eliminates potential problems associated with procurement, logistics, packaging, loading into vessel etc.

Extensive Quality Control

Our quality control department ensures that consistency in quality is maintained throughout the process implementation (from procurement to loading into the vessel). We always ensure that the clients must receive the same materials that were specified in the original contract. A final inspection by reputed and established Assayers before the material is loaded for shipping guarantees superior quality control standards for our clients.